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There have been people surfing on the East Coast of Scotland since the late 60’s with the knowledge gathered from these truly ‘hardcore’ surfers and some admittedly first surfed by myself and my now best mates in the 80’s and early 90’s. A big ‘aloha’ to the Tues crew and those older generation surfers who without there spirit and selflessness the following info would not be possible.
Thanks also to Jack O’Neill for his life changing invention.

Starting from Edinburgh down to Coldingham; there are over 40 known breaks in the area so I have selectively omitted some secret spots but hope that this will give you the reader an insight into the potential of the area. Situated in the middle of the east coast of Britain means we get the most consistent surf as we get North Westerly and Southerly swells that sometimes miss the rest of the coastline! Some photos courtesy of


The East Coast

Good indicator beach, often very clean and shows whenever a s to se, e, ne, swell running and big n, nw swell. Has been surfed in the past up to head high with onshore storms. Unless you want all the diseases you can imagine don’t bother keep driving if its 3-4 inches it will be overhead 25 mins away!
Pease Bay
Right hand boulder reef at s end of the bay can be really nice form and catches the most swell in the area can run for 100 m on its day mid to high. This bay has been surfed before the caravan park was there and up until the reclamation of the beach for a picnic area and boulder cages surrounding the river mouth there used to be a really good right and left at the n end of the bay at low tide but with all the sand being pushed away it breaks a mere shadow of it’s former self. Another full moon and big winter swell and mother ocean will get back what is rightfully hers. Surfers not allowed to use toilets.Nice bay though.
Gullane, Yellow Craigs
Gullane is the more popular of the 2 when the east coast is maxed out it will often be doing its impression of Rincon. Only problem will be the walk back up to the point as the rip can be pretty strong offshore southerly to s.easterly. Yellow craigs lies just east and has a couple of reefs which should be checked along with others to the west of gullane. Find and enjoy!
North Berwick
East beach picks up biggish northerly to s easterly swells reefs and all stages with sand banks a fairly consistent right at the east end sand carpark in front of the last terraced house. When it’s messy head to the other side of the harbour for some very clean waves. The scottish surfing champs took place here in the past in front of the putting green. Some lovely lefts! Offshores southerly
Peffer Sands/Ravenshaugh/Belhaven Bay
All these beaches are situated in the John Muir Country Park. They are becoming more popular as the word gets out on their surfing potential. Get there before the crowds!
John Muir Country Park
National conservation park with several small bays with reefs and ‘A’ frame sandbar peaks mostly inaccessible, breeding ground for hammerheads, killer whales and great whites running down to Belhaven Bay miles long ending at Dunbar. I could tell you loads more but am afraid of drop ins and karma, so I’ll leave it at that.
Polluted and not really surfed by the locals until the town organises a uv outflow only those hardy souls need apply. Bit ironic sitting immediately south of John Muirs bit of land!
Barnsness/ Whitesands
Whitesands boasts one of the east coasts best left reef points breaking a quarter of a mile out over kelp covered boulder reef. Has a right too! Look out for goat boaters they bite! Can be the first place to clean up and can handle big swells. Open to the wind though and bad rip on outgoing tide on occasions.
Skateraw used to boast the best right in the country till somebody decided to build a big f*&$$ off nuclear power station right on it. Plonkers! You can still surf the point to the north of torness shallow jaggy and kelpy and see the right trying to work in huge swells.
Situated at the s end of torness an excellent beach undersurfed works best at mid to high, offshores s.w. w, nw. nice and warm in the winter!
Tues crew discovery in the 80’s surfed quietly until someone forgot to hide their car. Hey thanks ya pillock. Hollow barrel section to fattish shoulder Right hand reef break sheltered from strong offshores mid to full tide, tricky climb up and down. Respect the farmers land when parking.
Won my first comp here. Rights and hollow left at low tide over hard sand bar. Sheltered from strong offshores. Recent outflow from cockburnspath moved and made better. Looks bigger than it is from the car park.
Beautiful sandy bay overlooking the bass rock .Rocks at the west end and in the middle at high tide. Not to be surfed on an outgoing tide in a big southerly swell as surfers have been swept out requiring RLNI assistants, you know who you are! Good bay for those straight handers although a left reef and right point can turn on in the right conditions, fickle though. Frequented by Malibu riders offshores southerly.
Lovely wee sandy bay s easterly facing so offshore when pease is onshore. Squeezes the swell up when its a s swell works at all stages best at mid to high rocks at each end rip will help you out at the end. Public loos with outside shower half way down, and st Vedas b&b at top of hill with open log fire surfer friendly with some rentals. Lifeguarded during summer months.

The West Coast

Lewis and Harris
Lewis and Harris are islands of the Outer Hebrides. A long journey but the scenery is stunning. Harris also has some of the best beaches in Scotland.

The North Coast

Situated on Scotland's Northern Coast. Thurso is one of the best surfing locations in the United Kingdom due to its isolation and the size of the tubes. Take care with the rocks.
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