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1. What is the best course for a complete beginner? Through experience we have found the "weekend course" to be an ideal intro to surfing. Its long enough to get a grasp of all the basic skills without completely exhausting you!
2. Will the water be cold? Most guests are surprised at how warm the water is, however we do provide you with a new titanium lined wetsuit as well as boots and gloves if required.
3. Will I get to stand up? We are so confident in our unique coaching techniques that we guarantee you will stand up on a wave on our weekend course.
4. What if the waves are too small Small waves are good! You will be surprised at how small a wave is actually required to be in order to learn the basics.
5. What if the waves are too big? If the waves are too large on one beach then we will transport you to a more sheltered location. We will always use the beach with the best conditions on the day.
6. Will you have a wetsuit to fit me? We have over 200 wetsuits available in all shapes and sizes; we will have your size guaranteed!
7. Will the others in my group be really good? If you are on one of our weekend courses then it is safe to say that the majority of the group will never have surfed before, and those that have tried it have only signed up for a beginner's course for one reason!
8. Will we get to try different surfboards? We have a full quiver of custom boards available for those wishing to progress onto more advanced equipment. It is however at the instructor's discretion.
9. If I decide to buy a surfboard or wetsuit will you help me choose the right equipment? By offering a full range of boards to try we can easily establish exactly what board would help you progress the quickest. Having already fitted you out in a wetsuit we will also be able to advise you on the best wetsuit for your needs and translate the technical jargon. We can then liaise with our surfboard and wetsuit departments - to get you the exact equipment required at a discounted price.
10. Will I have photographic evidence to prove to all my disbelieving friends and colleagues that I did stand up? Yes! On the last day of the course we will try our hardest to get the evidence on digital camera and e-mailed to you at work if required. Any other questions then call…… or email…….
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